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Conversations User Guide

Welcome to the User guide written by users for users

When people first visit Which? Conversations, they usually ask two questions:

Why are there so many old messages?


How do I find my way back to a message I've posted?

On the first point, the site stores every message ever posted since the site went live in 2010. It does act, rather neatly, as a historical repository of all the things discussed during that time - perhaps a PhD in there, somewhere?

On the second, to find your previous posts or check if anyone has answered one of your posts, you need to be registered and then you can look at your history.

To get the best out of Which? Conversations, you need to know how to use the Recent Activity Tab. There, you can find out how to subscribe to any discussions you want to read and perhaps post to. This also helps you in finding messages again, although your browser history tab is also excellent for that.


Once you've worked out how to see all the messages you want, you can find out how the Conversations are organised, itself something of a black art, then learn how to navigate through the various layers.



Every forum and blog has its own peculiarities and learning how to use these to make your posts stand out is why we've produced this guide.

There are sections on clever things like putting images into your postings (which make you seem really smart!), changing the style of the text you post and then a whole heap of stuff on shortcuts like Emoticons, initialisms and acronyms. plus a page on really useful links.

If there's anything you still need to know, visit the FAQ page.

Every page has the navigation buttons down the side, so you can always return to here if you get lost. Hope this helps and - have fun!