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Cafe Dillo

"The power of the Which? Online community lies with its members. You have the knowledge and experience from which others can benefit."


It's hard to quantify what makes a cyber association; often, the only common factor is the ability to use a keyboard, but Cafe Dillo is different.

Almost all of us first met when browsing the Consumers' Association's (CA) forums - Which? OnLine (WOL) - so I suppose we could say that our common ground is an interest in not being ripped off. If that were the only factor, then that might suggest an overly pragmatic, self-serving group motivated purely by fiscal expediency. Happily, nothing could be further from the truth.


We set this place up for several reasons, the main one being that we felt what had been 'The Consumers' Association' had changed - and not for the better. Now snappily retitled 'Which?' we are concerned that its relentless pursuit of income as opposed to the more dispassionate charitable and public service aims for which it was originally established threatens the very integrity of what was one of the finest consumer organisations ever conceived. The purpose, therefore, of this place is partly to monitor the changes within Which? and bring them to a wider audience.





Which? might have been the common ground but the CA forums proved the fertile plains on which many friendships took root. It would be presumptuous to suggest we share any common political, religious or ideological outlook; but we do enjoy debating, telling jokes, writing stories, engaging in a multiplicity of creative pursuits and having a great deal of fun. Between us, we also represent a number of professions and the accumulated experience, skill and knowledge of the group is available to anyone who uses the forums.


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